“Do what you do best and outsource rest”

- Peter Drucker

Outsource your Hiring

Why hire with us?

  • Access to a large talent pool.
  • Save hiring time and resources. Improve productivity.
  • Focussed on Transparency (no hidden costs).
  • Low set up cost.

  • Candidates are trained to cater to the specified needs of the company.
  • Experienced trainers who impart performance oriented knowledge.
  • Candidates are certified by top MNCs.(Microsoft, HP etc).
  • Numerous Capstone projects and Models built by candidates to showcase their prowess in the domain and be job ready.
  • Overcome cultural, social barriers via accent neutralization and cultural sensitisation modules which candidates go through so they can fit well in your organisation.

We don't charge
for our service.

Hiring options


  • Direct hire tailor trained candidates to work from your office location with reduced hassle.
  • Hiring remote workers technically means employing people who work outside the office or business, yet dedicated to your company completely. With more productive employees, decreased costs, diversifies talent pool and employees working across time zones, Remote hiring is the new future.


  • Equivalent to relocating a department of your company to a different country by employing a dedicated team from us who will work on a project/business function.
  • Companies can employ expert software engineering talent offshore at a fraction of the cost of onshore software engineers, but importantly your company works with the offshore team to ensure work is carried out as per the job description/project brief.


  • Contracting out a whole project/business function to us.
  • Reduce staffing costs and increase margin with complete control over your projects or functions with lower wages, no language barriers and high service quality.

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