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A feeling of Belongingness

Foxmula has been,on the whole, an ever evolving community which aims to make users feel at home. We will help you right from profile building to gaining the right skill sets and then help you build a successful career.

Traditional learning methods have a big drawback- the growing depression and the increased breakdowns during learning. And that is where the Foxmula Ecosystems comes in, we believe in Rising by lifting each other.

The Foxmula ecosystem factors include training, global certifications, lifelong communal networking, exposures via internships and guaranteed jobs (Foxmula-X).

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Foxmula-X: Guaranteed Job program

According to multiple reports, only 3% of candidates graduating every year are employable. Foxmula-X guarantees a high-profile job to kick-start a career in IT. We take in candidates who meet the pre requisites and train them according to the requirements of our partner companies.

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Portfolio (Profile) building programs by Foxmula focuses on three ultimate factors for a domain. In order to stand out from the crowd one needs Skills, recognitions, and Exposure in their profile. All the profile building programs have three phases - Training, Global Certifications like Microsoft Technology Associate and work from home industrial Internship (with completion letter). Programs are available for cutting edge domains like Machine Learning, Cloud, Web, Cybersecurity and more.

The best part, everything is online, self-paced and has no prerequisites. Every program starts from it's scratch in the training.

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